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The War No One Lost

On paper the conquest of Canada appeared deceptively easy. Great Britain was fighting for life and liberty in Europe against Napoleon and since the British colony could not defend itself, the time seemed ripe for its seizure. "The acquisition of Canada, " said Thomas Jefferson, "will be a mere matter of marching."

"History misfires unless readers get the same pleasure from it they do from a novel."

"The history of one's country begins in the heart."
1. The War of 1812

"History is the chronicle of famous men."
2. Tecumseh

"History is a pattern of timeless moments."
3. Sheaffe at Queenston Heights

"History is someone's memories of momentous events."
4. The Capture of York

"History is the truthful reconstruction of the past."
5. Sir Isaac Brock - Ship That Never Sailed

"History is a pattern of timeless moments."
6. Lake Erie Lost & Defeat at Moraviantown

"History is making other's experiences our own."
7. Homespun Heroine - Laura Secord

"History is at once a tale of intrigue and bloodshed."
8. The Hamilton and The Scourge

"History in some sense is always propaganda."
9. The Battle of Lundy's Lane

"History changes with time."
10. Peace on Christmas Eve

"History is the rigorous search for truth, but whose truth?"
11. Whose History?

"The past as transmitted to posterity will always be a confused mixture of facts, legends and sometimes downright lies."

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