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Personalities In Upper Canada

Concise, biographical sketches containing personal information and everyday details of the lives of historic personalities.

"History is subjective and individual, conditioned by the vision of the historian."
1. Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe, Pt.1

"History documents encounters between character and circumstance."
2. Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe, Pt.2

"History is a witness to the passing of time."
3. Elizabeth Posthuma Simcoe, Pt.3

"History deals with the world man has fashioned for himself."
4. Colonel John Butler

"History reveals pieces of the puzzle that legend ignores."
5. Le Comte de Puisaye

"History promises no final truths."
6. Benedict Arnold & His Foil, John Andre

"History holds a mirror up to the dusty documents of the past."
7. The Duke's Diary

"History is a guide to enlightened leadership."
8. The Honourable Richard Cartwright

"History is the study of the economic growth of people."
9. The Honourable Robert Hamilton

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