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Parliament & Personalities

The Growth & Development Of Government in Upper Canada

"History holds a mirror up to the dusty documents of the past."
1. The Royal Proclamation of 1763 & The Quebec Act 1774

"History chronicles matters of timeless importance."
1. The Constitutional Act of 1791

"History is the life of peoples and humanity."
2. The First Parliament of Upper Canada

"History is way of experiencing at second hand all kinds of human behaviour."
3. The Legislative Assembly's Founding Brothers

"History is a gallery of personalities. "
4. The Origin of the Family Compact
Upper Canada's Aristocracy

"History is the science of men in time."
5. Lieutenant-Governors & The Colonial Office

"History has a message."
6. Road to Rebellion

"History records encounters between character and circumstance."
7. John George Lambton, Lord Durham

"Canadian history is a study in political survival."
8. Confederation & The Statute of Westminster & The Constitutional Act of 1982

"History is the aspirations of humanity."
9. Fathers of Confederation

"History is a witness that testifies to the passaage of time."
10. Two Nations in a Single State

"Distortion is a necessary characteristic of all sources of information, since absolute objectivity is absolutely unobtainable."

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