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United Empire Loyalists

"A Catastrophe Shocking To Think of" Created Canada.

"Because these proud folk were not rebels but opted for Unity of Empire, they had placed upon them and their descendants the unremunerative title of United Empire Loyalist."
[Winston Churchill]

"Wit is capable of striking down a whole regiment of regulars."
(uelbrad) - Braddock's Debacle

"History shapes the world in which we live."
1. One Kingdom - Divisible

"History is like that - chancy."
2.Lacklustre Leadership versus "Rabble in Arms"

"History is an argument without end."
3. Loyalists, Patriots & Tom Paine

"History is someone's memories of momentous events."
4. Ripe For Mischief

"History is the active force in the struggles of every generation.."
5. The Sword To Settle

"History is the aspirations of humanity."
6. Two Nations

"History is the life and times of humanity."
7. Tax Me To The Teeth

"Pace the pitching black deck."

"The Loyalists stuck to their guns. Moderates among them admitted there had been evils in the policies of Great Britain, but with prayers and petitions all could be made right. They appealed to the verdict of history: the Revolution violated the traditions, the ancient ties and the ceremonials inherited from the distant past."

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