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Major-General Sir Isaac Brock, K.B.

"We may teach the enemy this lesson:
A country defended by free men devoted to the cause of their king and constitution can never be conquered ...

"History is the intermittent appearance of commanding personalities."
1. A Man of Exquisite Charm & Affability

"History's realities are seldom dull."
2. Managed Mutiny

"History deals with our lives as social beings."
3. Fort George & Guest

"History is the timeless search for heroes."
4. Brock At The Outbreak of War, Part 1

"History is a chronicle of famous men."
5. Brock At The Outbreak of War, Part 2

"History is a record of encounters between character and circumstance."
6. Brock At Detroit

"History is shaped by triumph and tragedy."
7. Now to Niagara

"History is romance and tragedy."
8. Burial in Brock's Bastion

"History is someone's memories of momentous events."
9. Remember Brock, Part 1

"History is a description of things as they are or have been."
10. Remember Brock, Part 2

"History is a chronicle of events."
11. Remember Brock, Part 3

"History is a pattern of timeless moments."
12. Remember Brock, Part 4

"History gives us antecedents and a place in time."
13.Brock's Siblings

"History deals with and serves life."
14.The Earthly Possessions of Sir Isaac Brock

... provided they are led by a great general."

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