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Turbulent Times

"Armed rebellion in Upper Canada came only after a long, sustained but unsuccessful effort to secure administrative reform and it is evident that the struggle in the beginning was against the constitution not the Queen."

"History is post-mortem."
1. Killer Cholera

"History is shaped more by human blunders than human wickedness."
2. Francis Bond Head Pt. I

"History is shaped by the choices people make which are not always rational."
3. Francis Bond Head Pt. II

"History is knowledge of the individual."
4. William Lyon Mackenzie Pt. I

"History reviews the successes and failures of men and women."
5. William Lyon Mackenzie Pt. II

"History shapes the world in which we live."
6. The Caroline

"History is a rich gallery of personalities."
7. Upper Canada's Rob Roy

"History is at once a tale of intrigue and bloodshed."
8. The Short Hills Affair Pt. I

"History is revisionist."
9. The Short Hills Affair Pt. II

"History is the endless revisiting, reviewing and rethinking the past."
10. Samuel Lount & Peter Matthews

"History changes with the impact of new beliefs, thoughts and reflections."
11. Van Diemen's Land

"History is a picture of the past based on written records."
12. Charles Dickens Visits Niagara Falls

"History is a pattern of timeless moments."
13. The Battle of Ridgeway

"History rests on written records and pieces of evidence preserved from the past."
14.The Offending Arch

"People felt strongly in those days and loves and hates were exceedingly intense. Neighbour suspected neighbour and otherwise decent people stooped to all sorts of petty meanness, vindictiveness, and persecution."

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