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Lieutenant Colonel John Graves Simcoe

"He is acquainted with the military history of all countries. No hillock catches his eye without exiting in is mind the idea of a fort which might be constructed on the spot."

"History is a form of autobiography, an essay in self-knowledge."
1. John Graves Simcoe

"History shapes the world in which we live."
2. Simcoe & The Birth of Upper Canada

"History is a pattern of timeless moments."
3. Simcoe's Arrival at Niagara

"History is economics in action."
4. Simcoe and Salt

"History is knowledge of the individual."
5. Rankled Over Rank

"History records all kinds of human behaviour."
6. Simcoe's Search For Financial Security

"History invites us to visualize dinners, dances, discussions - daily life."
7. Simcoe & The American Commissioners

"History deals with individuals as social beings."
8. Simcoe's Nemesis: Dorchester

"History rests on evidence and other works surviving into the present."
9. Mystery Memorial

"It is our immediate duty to contribute to the formation of a new nation obedient to the laws, frugal, temperate, industrious, impressed with a steadfast love of justice, of honour, of public good and with an unshakable fortitude among men and a Christian piety and gratitude to God."

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