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The Military In Upper Canada

"The history of the military in Canada is as long as the history of the country itself."

"History is the saga of soldiers."
1. Remember the Redcoats

"History is difficult to surpass for adventurous incidents."
2. The 5th Regiment of Foot

"History is reconstruction of the past we have never known."
3. No Remission

"History is a record of humankind in war and peace."
4. The 7th Regiment of Foot

"History is shot through with passion."
5. The 41st Regiment of Foot

"History is an exciting ride through the past."
6. The 49th Regiment of Foot

"History shapes the world we which we live."
7. The Queen's Rangers

"History is a guide to enlightened citizenship."
8. The Canadian Militia

"History speaks for itself. "
9. The King's Duty Lies Heavy on Me

The Canadian soldier is heir to a very old and very proud tradition.

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