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Land and Legislation in Upper Canada

"History rests on pieces of evidence, written records and other works created in the past and surviving into the present."
1.Land Allotment & Registry Offices

"History is what human beings did, thought, suffered and enjoyed and gives us the benefit of hard-won experience from the past."
2. The Legislature and Early Legislation in Upper Canada

".History is the story of human liberation."
3. An Act To Prevent The Further Introduction of Slaves

"History by mirroring the past, explains the present and illuminates the future."
4. Parliamentary Parallels

"The province is singularly blessed with a Constitution which has stood the test of experience and it is the very image and transcript of that of Great Britain."

[When Simcoe uttered these words he never meant that this remote colony would experience the same parliamentary practices as at home, but the words he unwittingly uttered were to echo through political debates for the next half century.]

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