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Upper Canada's First Elected Legislators

"His Majesty has been pleased to signify his royal intention to divide his province of Quebec into two separate provinces, to be called Upper Canada and Lower Canada, and there shall be within each of the said provinces respectively, a legislative council and an assembly. His Majesty shall have power, by and with the consent of the legislative council and assembly of the provinces, to make laws for the peace, welfare, and good government thereof."

"History is the actual drama of actual men who are no more. "

"History reviews the successes and failures of individuals on this planet."
1. John McDonell [b.circa 1758-d.1809]

"History is a form of autobiography, an essay in self-knowledge."
2. David William Smith [b.1764-d.1837]

"History records the crimes, follies and misfortunes of humanity."
3. Isaac Swayze [b.1751-d.1828]

"History is violently personal.
4. John White [b.circa 1761-d.1800]

"History is the rigorous search for truth."
5. Nathaniel Pettit [b.1724-d.1803]

"History is a guide to enlightened leadership."
6. Francis Baby [b.1768-d.1852]

"History is an exercise in remembering."
7. Benjamin Pawling [b.circa 1749-d.1818]

"History is experiencing at second hand all kinds of human behaviour."
8. Parshall Terry [b.1756-d.1808]

"History is knowledge of the individual."
9. William Macomb [b.?- d.1796]

"History is a form of autobiography."
10. Hugh McDonell [b.1760-d.1833]

History deals with man's past as a social being.
11. Joshua Booth [b.cira 1759 d.1813]

History lives in all of us.
12. Ephraim Jones [b.1750-d.1812]

History preserves for posterity the accomplishments of men and women.
12a. Alexander Campbell [b.? - d.1854]
12b. Jermiah French [b.? - d.1805]
12c. Peter Van Alstine [b.? - d.1811]

History is the memory of life itself.
13. Hazelton Spencer [b.1757- d.1813]

"History is knowledge of the individual."

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