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Tense Times In Upper Canada

History allows its students to engage in multiple jeopardy, that is, rethink and judge anew the records and the meaning of events and their actors.

"History speaks for itself."
1. Diplomatic Secrecy

"History is remembered, recovered and invented."
2. Treason, Traitors, Spies and Deserters

"History is a pattern of timeless moments."
3. The Battle of Fallen Timbers

"History is a chronicle of confrontation."
4. Tense Times On The Maumee

"History is our storied past."
5. Resolved By This House

"History is a study of political survival."
6. Jay's Treaty

"History's realities are seldom dull."
7. Simon Girty

Only by knowing our past can we advance with wisdom and knowledge into the future.

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