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History is a pattern of timeless moments.

Review Questions

perilous, sachem, vermilion, arsenal, refute, mobilize, incursion, buffer, simmer, diplomatic, abstinence, ambush, camouflage, ally, alliance, decisive, exacerbate, provocateurs.

1. Explain: (a) with an eye to history; (b) an Aboriginal satellite state; (c) discretion was the better part of valour; (d) flushed with victory; (e) Upper Canada was to be the booty; (f) fertile fields laid waste; (g) the sharp ends of their guns; (h) the victory was a watershed; (i) buffer zone; (j) precarious moment.

2. Outline the reasons for the savage clashes between the Americans and the Aboriginals in the northwest.

3. As far as Britain and its Canadian colonies were concerned what was the best case scenario regarding these frontier conflicts?

4. Britain's official policy in this regard was compromised by the statements made by a local British official. Explain.

5. Good intelligence made a big difference to the combatants. Explain.

6. The battle is described as a 'watershed'. Define the word and explain how it applies to both the Americans and the Aborigines.

7. What does it mean to be 'out-generalled'?

8. The confrontation at the fort was described as a precarious moment? Why?

9. This battle is an example of a 'timeless moment' in more ways than one. Give reasons to justify this statement.

10. Vermilion was critically important to Aboriginal warriors. Why do you think this was so.

11. "Those war had spared now succumbed to starvation." Explain.

12. Attack or defend the British decision not to shelter their former allies.


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