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History by mirroring the past, explains the present and illuminates the future.

Review Questions

Vocabulary:amenable, lucrative,
Review the following questions before reading the narrative, and answer them after completing it

1.Two hundred years have seen many things changes while some remain the same. Provide two examples to illustrate each.

2. Conservation of wildlife is vitally important in today's world. Why was it the last thing anyone thought of 200 years ago?

3.(a)What did the Marriage Act mandate? (b) Why did the ministers request its amendment? (c) Why did Simcoe object to their demand?

4.What was there about the petition itself that angered him?

5.Explain: (a) republican tendencies; (b) feigned pretext of dreading popular tumult; (c) aliens in their own land. (d) unChristian wrath (e) prosecuted as delinquents; (f) middling sort of people; (g) amenable only to Divine Jurisprudence; (h) odious in the eyes of enlightened government.

6."Those who forget history are destined to repeat it." Discuss.

7. Why did Simcoe think the petition was the result of wicked heads and disloyal hearts?


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