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The spirit of discovery was awakened.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: trinket, succumb, profile, harangue, barks, motivate, instinctively, lifestyle, gothic, projectile, gesticulate, salvo, extinct, inscrutable, daunting, oratory, inteminable, compassed, malady, miraculous, galleon, viceroy, arable, hideous, tawdry, league, seafaring,

1.(a) Why is Cartier's name for the rapids considered mocking?

2. Why did the Chief feel it was necessary to harangue Cartier?

3. Explain: (a) convert barbarians; (b) dogged search; (c) an economic foundation; (d) succumbed to the malady; (e) protect his position as middleman; (f) awaited only a fair wind; (g) illusive route to China; (h) gesticulating wildly; (i) the savour of spices; (j) a beard that bristled defiantly; (k) sharply etched profile.

4. What does "become distant" mean? Why do you think the two young guides became distant?

5. When Cartier observed the fertility of the new land, he said all it needed to "awaken it to fruitfulness" was settlers. What did he mean by this?

6. Give three synonyms for 'ship' used in the narrative.

7. What do you know about the land God gave to Cain?

8 How did Cartier intend to "solve the enigma of the silent continent"?

10.When a ship "lays to" what does it do?

11.(a)Why did Donnacona try so hard to dissuade Cartier from travelling on to Hochelega? (b) What does this tell you about him?

12.(a)What is an impressive panorama? (b) Describe the impressive panorama that Cartier observed.

13. Why was Cartier's departure from Stadacona in the spring of 1542 consdered to be a 'flight from danger'?

14. Why would an economic foundation be so necessary for a successful settlement?


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