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'Shooting star'

Review Questions

sagacious sachems charismatic, lauded, humanity, eloquence, nobility, cite, cascade, encroaching, pan, nemesis, legendary, confederacy, instigator, devastation, extermination, crusade, endorsed, flagged, anticlimax, fate, magnanimous

1. Write a description of Tecumseh that includes his physical, mental and emotional characteristics.

2. What characteristics of Tecumseh distinguished him from some other Native leaders?

3. Cite an example of his fiery and forceful eloquence.

4. What is anticlimax? How was the Battle of Thamesville anticlimactic?

5. Explain the four lines of poetry taken from the poem, East Is East and West Is West.

6. What characteristics did Brock and Tecumseh share?

7. In your opinion what phrase described the Tecumseh that white men so admired?

8. He had a reputation as a stand-firm chief. Explain.

9. Explain "When legends die, dreams die also, and when dreams die, there is no greatness."

10. Why would Aboriginals trade their land for what were described 'trinkets'?

11. Explain: (a) keep him at bay; (b) pan-Indian alliance; (c) take up the cause; (d) Tecumseh's nemesis; (e) instigator of the Indians; (f) further the cause of his own crusade; (g) join in a war of extermination; (h) beyond control the moment the contest commences (i) morale among them flagged; (j) hopes of the red men; (k) faced their fate; (l) arch rival; (m) we will be in their smoke.

12. Why do you think legendary tales grow up around great men and their meetings?

13. Tecumseh died as he declared he would: fighting for his people and the land he loved. In the process he became a legend. (a) Would he have served his cause better had he lived? (b) Would he still have become a legend? (c) What would have determined that?


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