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History is shaped more by human blunders than human wickedness.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: oligarchy, pauper, dole, workhouse, entail, cabinet,

1. Why do you think the dole was replaced by the workhouse?

2. Why did development in Upper Canada at this time need a wise statesman?

3. What characteristics of Bond Head augured ill for Upper Canada? Why?

4. Explain: (a) Someone had blundered; (b) his quixotic quest; (c) on his terms; (d) pride and prestige; (e)a ministerial joke; (f) a fondness for mock heroics; (g) take the bull by the horns.

5. Who heartily endorsed Head's appointment? Why do you think she did?

6. Explain 'history is shaped more by human blunders than human wickedness.'

7. Head, who was 'headstrong, heedless and clueless' about the colony was hired to "reconcile the jarring interests" in Upper Canada. Discuss.

8. The job required both firmness and conciliation. Why?

9 Explain: the riot became a precursor to a rebellion.

10. Head's statement that he was to become 'the government of Canada' is described as prophetic. Why do you think this word is used?


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