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History is a reconstruction of the past we have never known.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: malefactors, pinion, provost, malefactor, grisly, enticement, servitude, servile, sanctuary, quarry, dirge,

1. Explain: (a) No remission; (b) perilous times; (c)court martial; (d) daunting prospect; (e) ultimate penalty; (f) utmost rigor; (g) mournful dirge; (h) military mentor; (i) draconian discipline; (j) abandoning colours and country; (k) arms reversed..

2. Identify and explain the figure of speech: 'embraced them like a bastion.'

3. Explain: 'Wither the fates call.'

4. Why would men knowing the drastic consequences of their actions ever attempt to desert?

5. What was ironic about Grisler's use of a boat at Fort Erie?

6. What does 'chosen by lot' mean, and why do you think the members of the firing squad were selected in that way?

7.(a)The purpose was prevention, not punishment. Explain.

8. Why do you think the men were marched around the corpse?

9. Why do you think punishment for the same crime is considerably less drastic today?


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