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History is postmortem.

Review Questions

influenza, virus, vaccine, remedy, bronchial, afflicted, artificial, respiration, surmise, query, disabused, robust, noxious, expeditiously, rendered, salutary, exhalations, tedious.

1. It is not recorded what Simcoe thought of Dr. Nooth's remedy. What do you think of it?

2. Doctor Nooth had impressive qualifications. List these.

2. No mention is made by Nooth of what the "recent, decisive experiments were," but he provided informal proof of his own. What was it?

3. What did Mrs. Simcoe think of Nooth's explanation regarding earthquakes and volcanoes?

4. Explain: (a) made me tedious; (b) exhalations from these dead and dying vegetables; (c) a good deal of conjecture; (d) salutary effects; (e) nothing noxious in the woods; (f)beyond a shadow of a doubt; (g)vegetables in a perfect state of health and vigour;

5. Briefly summarize the main theme and the important details of this narrative.


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